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Sanremo 2020

Communication Integrator per TIM


Sanremo 2020

Communication Integrator per TIM


Facilitating and accelerating connections between artists, brands and the public.

Our Services

We build projects where creativeness becomes the vehicle to represent identities and values of the brands. We operate with a multidisciplinary approach in the following areas of communication.


We develop strategies of integrated communication aimed to achieve the marketing goals of our clients, and projects of branded entertainment which put people at the center of the creative process. Art, music and new media make up our DNA: new ideas, creative contents and advanced technologies to offer effective solutions of communication which are designed to engage and excite.


We explore and analyze the expressive languages of new media and we develop projects of digital marketing by giving value to the presence of the brands on the net. We handle the creation and the development of different contexts, games and web events, facilitating the conversation on the socials media by involving influencers and several communities. We develop and manage complex projects of social CRM and online brand reputation.


We take care of the planning and the production of integrated events that join creativeness, technology and market values. We offer a well-structured vision of the event to build multi-sensorial experiences with the perfect integration of sound and visual design. We offer projects developed with a dynamic approach to communication that integrates the brand experience into the emotional journey in which the audience is involved.


We take care of the production and the elaboration of publishing contents, developing the whole cycle of the narration around the brand, with innovative solutions that are tailored into every channel of communication. We follow the whole process: from text editing, press releases, news and press reports, to copy-writing, content managing and editing, paying particular attention to the creative contents of web and social media.


We develop videos with strong emotional impact and multimedia creative products for all media types, from web to TV: live shots of events and concerts, spots, teasers, music videoclips and institutional videos. We develop for the web visuals, websites, virals and promo movies. Our team is made up of professionals who manage every phase of the production, from web designing to video footage and photography.


Thanks to the deep knowledge of the entertainment industry and to a wide net of relationships with majors, artists and promoters, we can offer qualified musical consultancy to identify the most effective syncs for advertising campaigns, taking care of all the adjustments for the final spots. In addition, we manage the whole booking process of international testimonials, who are selected by a continuous action of trend discovery.


ARTMEDIAMIX is an agency highly passioned about creativity, a network of professionals with broad and interconnected competences aimed to find innovative solutions in communication, anticipate market trends and trigger winning synergies.

  • Gian Marco Sandri

    CEO & Founder

  • Elisabetta Vanuzzo

    Direttore Generale

  • Ruben Voci

    Partner - Responsabile Marketing

  • Pino Gagliardi

    Partner - Responsabile Progetto Entertainment

  • Andrea Ortenzi

    Partner - Responsabile Progetto Salute

  • Marcos Renato Bruno

    Partner - Graphic & Web Designer

  • Fabio Lanzone

    Partner - Video Maker

  • Silvia Sartucci

    Partner - Social Media Strategy

  • Paola Maria Tarasco

    Partner - Content Curator

  • Laura Adduci

    Content Curator

  • Paola Andreoli

    Personal Assistant Chief Executive Office

  • Marco Belfiore

    Amministrazione, Finanza e Controllo

  • Giorgio Bonifazi Razzanti

    Creative Director

  • Alessandro Cipriani

    Sound Designer e Docente

  • Elisa D'Ospina

    Reputation Specialist Influencer

  • Maestro Umberto Fidenzi

    Security Manager

  • Silvia Izza

    CFO Assistant

  • Mauro Marani

    FX Director and Lighting Designer

  • Emilia Pace


  • Fabio Riveruzzi

    Digital Music Marketing

  • Simone Rubei

    Production manager

  • Beatrice Sarnataro


  • Giovanni Stani

    E-Health Specialist

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